Overcome the UK’s #1 fear on our two-day Public Speaking Excellence course. Designed to address confidence and technical issues, this course is idea for those who work in roles requiring public speaking, or simply for anyone looking to improve their  presentation skills.

The importance of public speaking

These days the ability to present and speak fluently in public is becoming more and more important in your career. Statistics show that public speaking is the number one fear in the UK and that many feel uncomfortable before and during speaking opportunities!

That is why after completing my own journey from a nervous wreck when speaking to someone who now makes a living out of it, I have decided to share my knowledge to give you the best possible training experience and transform your own ability as a speaker and presenter.

Whether you are an accomplished speaker wanting to progress, or someone who really struggles to stand up in front of people, our two-day course will provide you with the tools and skills that you need to enhance your speaking ability and career prospects!

During the course we will look in detail at what makes an excellent public speaker. We will also show you how to improve in each of these key areas of development, whilst also providing you with bespoke coaching to increase confidence levels and reduce stress and anxiety associated with being up in front of people.

BOOK NOW-NOVEMBER 8th-9th 2018
BOOK NOW-March 14th-15th 2019
BOOK NOW-July 11th-12th 2019

What can I expect to learn?

  • Correct stance and body language while presenting.
  • How to use and maintain presentation energy levels.
  • Proper breathing and physiology (tricks of the trade).
  • What confidence is and how to create it.
  • Voice utilisation, rhythm and the use of pauses correctly
  • The magic of metaphor
  • How to present artfully without notes!

Course Structure

Day one

  • Controlling state/overcoming anxiety
  • Trainer stance and use of body language
  • Building connection to your audience
  • Developing use of tonality, pitch, pace and tempo
  • Using the 4-mat system to structure each presentation

Day two

  • Being congruent, authentic and real
  • Learning to elegantly anchor positive emotions
  • Using metaphors with volition
  • Putting it all together