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Public Speaking Excellence…

Gain confidence and overcome the UK’s number one fear on this two-day Public Speaking Excellence Training.

This course is designed to address confidence and technical issues, this course is ideal for those who work in roles requiring public speaking, or simply for anyone looking to improve their presentation skills.

These days the ability to present and speak fluently in public is becoming more and more important in your career. Statistics show that public speaking is the number one fear in the UK and that many feel uncomfortable before and during speaking opportunities!

That is why after completing my own journey from a nervous wreck when speaking to someone who now makes a living out of it, I have decided to share my knowledge to give you the best possible training experience and transform your own ability as a speaker and presenter.

Why would I attend?

Improve confidence

Learn how to manage anxiety and present with authority.

Engage your audience

Learn how to engage every member of your audience.

Structure successful presentations

Develop the skill of structuring presentations easily and effortlessly and how to deliver artfully without notes!

Develop Presence

Learn how through use of body language and state control you can develop a real presence as a speaker.

Learn the magic of metaphors

You will learn how to use stories effectively to magnetize your audience to you…


Become an authentic speaker through developing confidence in speaking with real emotion.

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Public Speaking Excellence 20th-21st May 2021
Your two-day Public Speaking Excellence training is hosted by Bevis Moynan, Lead Trainer at Magenta Coaching Solutions. Payment can be made in full or via a deposit and monthly payment plan.

How can I use what I learn?


NLP can help individuals with challenges large and small in life, whether they are to overcome problems or increase performance. NLP can help you change or eliminate behaviours as you desire, choose your mental, emotional and physical state at any time! It can also help you to communicate more effectively with anyone you meet and even yourself and access powerful internal resources to let you get the results you want. All this will lead to the life you want and deserve!


Improving your presentation and public speaking skills could well be the number one thing to assist you in the development of your career. Often these days interviews require an element of presentations and many, many business owners find that being able to speak with confidence and authority helps them to grow their business and get their core messages more widely out there. Whether you want to be able to do your two-minute elevator pitch at a networking meeting more effectively, improve your impact delivering messages to the board or drastically improve the conversions of your pitches this course is for you!

Course feedback

Who will host the event?

Bevis Moynan
NLP Trainer, Senior Motivational Map Coach Trainer, Leadership, and Coaching Development Lead

Bevis helps both businesses and individuals to improve performance, increase motivation and eliminate common issues that cause challenges, anxiety and fear – the things that prevent us from achieving our true potential.

Training coaches, consultants and professionals is his speciality and, as one of only five Senior Motivational Map Coach trainers in the UK, and a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, businesses and individuals come from all over the UK to train with Bevis and his team. Using surprisingly simple and practical methods, people gain a far deeper awareness and understanding of the real challenges and of what is holding them back, preventing them reaching their peak. Bevis’ teaching and coaching ensures barriers and obstacles are removed and the important things in life are achieved.

Jason’s public speaking journey…

“I engaged Bevis to improve my public speaking skills as it was something that I felt was holding me back on a professional level. Before seeing Bevis I had tried various other solutions including a hypnotist and psychologist. Neither had the results that Bevis achieved in half the time and less than 1/3 of the cost! I find Bevis highly engaging and a great listener and I feel these are crucial qualities when engaging in this type of solution. I can highly recommend Bevis to anyone considering using his services”

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