Training Solutions

We offer a wide range of training courses, creating a journey that benefits both personally and professionally.

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Personal Coaching Solutions

A secure environment is provided along with techniques to work towards positive change in your personal life.

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Professional Coaching Solutions

A tailored experience that will provide you with the tools and support to gain clarity professionally.

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Motivational Maps®

Become trained as an expert in Motivation using an ISO accredited online tool. Which, with your support helps people gain clarity in their career and helps managers and leaders to improve engagement, retention and recruitment.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP can be described as how to communicate to consistently achieve specific desired outcomes in a variety of contexts.

Professional Training

Taking inspiration from our training and coaching experiences, we are able to put together bespoke training products for your business.

Professional Coaching


Business Coaching

For business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to improve quality of life, relationships and health.

Career Coaching

For professionals seeking to gain clarity in their career and learn how to get out of their own way to create the fulfilling work life they desire.

Elite Performance Coaching

For professional or elite amateur sports performers looking to grow their confidence in navigating the ups and downs of elite sport.

Executive Coaching

For Business Managers and Leaders looking for the tools to improve themselves, their team performance and their own personal development, management and leadership skills.

Personal Coaching


Relationship Coaching

Build positive relationships, by gaining a greater understanding of yourself and the knowledge of the differences between you and significant others.

Therapeutic Coaching

For those looking for clarity and meaning in their personal life, improving confidence, self esteem and overcoming emotional scar tissue from the past.

Young People Coaching

We have a team of dedicated Youth Coaches who support children with issues around confidence and self esteem.

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The team at Magenta Coaching Solutions is committed to helping people raise their conscious awareness and improve their quality of life.
Our work enable people to connect at a deeper level to who they really are, overcoming their own unique challenges in the process.


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