Whether you want to change your career, improve your performance or build stronger relationships the answers are right at your fingertips…

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Our Mission is to help our clients enjoy success in the broadest sense of the word.

We help business owners, coaches and professionals to experience the peace of mind that comes from gaining clarity of direction in both their career and life. We do this by being at the forefront of the personal development industry so that we have all the skills and experience to help you take the right next steps in your journey. 

Bevis Moynan,

Senior Trainer of Motivational Mapping, NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner of Hypnosis


Time for a career transition?

• Feeling conflicted in your career?
• Lacking an element of fulfilment in your current work?
• Challenging relationships at work?
• Are you considering selling or exiting your business?
• Want to gain clarity in the right next step for you?

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Interested in developing as a coach?

• Develop your own unique selling proposition as a coach/consultant.
• Become accredited to work with teams and individuals.
• Learn how to improve measurable motivation.
• Gain confidence in delivering team workshops.
• Learn how to deliver empowering, transformational 1:1 coaching.

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Improve your key relationships?

• Gain clarity of purpose and direction personally and professionally
• Gain a truly positive relationship with your own mind and thought processes
• Enhance the quality of your key relationships
• Develop goals and action steps in alignment with who you are
• Enhance your level of influence

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Karen’s Journey

“Going on the NLP Practitioners course is the best thing I have ever done and I have learned so much. How good is it to get a bag full of tools to create a better life for yourself; to get rid of old negative beliefs, negative emotions, anxiety, anger, hurt, stress. How good is it to change all this so we can grow, be happy and live the life we are dreaming of. This is what NLP techniques can do. We had such fun as a group, laughing every day, so much fun. The days flew by and I feel honoured to be part of this. It is worth every penny!”


28 Mar

Motivational Map Licensed Practitioner Training

There is no other product like this. The Motivational Map Licensed Practitioner Training is an in-depth program giving you the expertise to deliver the benefits of ‘The Map’ to your clients and colleagues. There is no other product like this on the market and it is fundamentally different from any other personality or psychometric tool. This training makes you an expert in understanding individual and team motivators, and you join a community of highly trained professionals helping people to achieve their career aspirations and support managers to more effectively manage their team.

11 Apr

NLP Introductory Day
Essentially, NLP can be described as how to consistently achieve specific, desired outcomes in both business and personal situations. This Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Introductory day is designed to give you the best possible introduction an insights into what is a very powerful tool for improvement.

12 May

NLP Master Practitioner Training
We provide fully accredited NLP Training which takes you on the most amazing personal development journey and ensures the best possible experience of learning NLP.


B1G1 is a social enterprise and non-profit organization with a mission to create a world full of giving. Magenta Coaching Solutions is proud to work with B1G1 and help their efforts across the globe.


Bevis is a Senior Motivational Map Coach trainer (one of only five in the country) and a certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming. He is dedicated to helping people improve the quality of their lives.


Ready to start your journey? Want to chat about an upcoming course? Our team is here to answer your every question. We can be contacted by email, phone or through our social media channels.




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