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NLP Practitioner Training-Transform your personal and professional life…

We provide you with fully accredited NLP Training which takes you on the most amazing personal development journey and provides the best possible experience of learning NLP. We limit group sizes and have two NLP Trainers plus a number of coaches to support each training. We ensure you get the highest calibre of training and emerge after 7 days having had a hugely transformational experience.

Why would I attend?

Personal Development

Enhance your own influencing skills by gaining an insight into the thinking of excellent performance.

Improved business performance

Become more effective in developing your career and managing others. Improve business results by improving sales and management skills.

Enhanced Communication Skills

Understand the communication preferences of others and experience greater, more meaningful connections.

Remove Emotional blocks

Let go of negative emotions from the past that subconsciously holds you back.

Develop as a Coach

Start your own journey on the path to a new career. Understand how the mind works and how to utilise this knowledge to benefit your clients.

Build Rapport 

Build deep rapport with anyone quickly and easily for drastically improved relationships.

Upcoming courses…

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NLP Practitioner Training: 18th – 24th July 2022
Dates: Monday 18th - Sunday 24th July 2022 (course closes 1:15pm Sunday 24th) Times: 0900:17:00 (Sunday 24th 13:00 finish) Trainers: Bevis Moynan and Paul Ward Location: Cambridgeshire Accreditation: ABNLP
NLP Practitioner Training: 14th – 20th November 2022
Your Certified NLP Practitioner Training is hosted by Bevis Moynan and Paul Ward- NLP Trainers. Dates: Monday 14th November - Sunday 20th November 2022 (Course closes 1:15pm Sunday 20th) Location: Cambridgeshire Trainers: Bevis Moynan and Paul Ward
NLP Practitioner Training: 7th-13th March 2022
Dates: Monday 7th - Sunday 13th March 2022 (course closes 1:15pm Sunday 13th) Times: 0900:17:00 (Sunday 13th 13:00 finish) Trainers: Bevis Moynan and Paul Ward Location: Cambridgeshire Accreditation: ABNLP
NLP Practitioner Training: 8th-14th November 2021
Your Certified NLP Practitioner Training is hosted by Bevis Moynan and Paul Ward- NLP Trainers. Monday 8th - Sunday 14th November 2021 (course closes 1:15pm Sunday 31st).

How can I use me NLP knowledge?


NLP can help you to overcome challenges and enhance performance. It provides you with the opportunity to change unwanted behaviours and learn to choose your mental and emotional state independent of circumstances. It helps you to grow greater influence with key people in your life whilst allowing you to access powerful internal resources to develop the life you desire.


Whether you are running your own business, managing or working as part of a team, NLP will benefit you. NLP helps you to; improve communication between you and your team members, present in a more engaging way, improve a team and financial performance. Crucially, NLP will help you to elicit the vision you have for your business and grow your awareness of what has been holding you back. A transformational process as part of the course is the facilitation of you letting go of the subconscious blocks that have been holding you back.

Course feedback

Who will host the event?

Bevis Moynan
NLP Trainer, Senior Motivational Map Coach Trainer, Leadership, and Coaching Development Lead

Bevis helps both businesses and individuals to improve performance, increase motivation and eliminate common issues that cause challenges, anxiety and fear – the things that prevent us from achieving our true potential.

Training coaches, consultants and professionals is his speciality and, as one of only five Senior Motivational Map Coach trainers in the UK, and a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, businesses and individuals come from all over the UK to train with Bevis and his team. Using surprisingly simple and practical methods, people gain a far deeper awareness and understanding of the real challenges and of what is holding them back, preventing them reaching their peak. Bevis’ teaching and coaching ensures barriers and obstacles are removed and the important things in life are achieved.

Kate’s journey with NLP…

“I have just come back from an intensive but thorough rewarding 8 day NLP Master Prac course. When I started I had so many what-ifs in my head as I am at a crossroads in my career. The biggest was I am not good enough to do coaching and I should stay at what I am good at even if it’s not making me happy. Through practical exercises where you are the coach and the client, I found my confidence grew and that my limiting belief was holding me back and that I was good enough and that I can do this. I am 100% certain that I was destined to be a coach and through NLP help others conquer their fears and eliminate the limited beliefs to the be the best version of themselves – as I am”

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