Our two-day Hypnosis Practitioner Certification is designed to give you the best possible experience of learning hypnosis.

Why would I attend?

  • Learn to use metaphors elegantly as a speaker and therapist
  • Learn how to use multiple embedded metaphors’
  • Enhance your communication skills by utilising Milton Model language
  • Learn how to induce trance to aid relaxation
  • Become certified to use Hypnosis as a therapeutic tool
  • Learn to deliver post hypnotic suggestions to help clients overcome unconscious blocks
  • Learn to become masterful at using Milton Model language as a presenter/trainer
  • Learn to use metaphor elegantly as a speaker and therapist
  • Learn self Hypnosis to help you relax anytime anywhere
  • Become adept at always making decisions that are right for you!

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the artful use of ambiguous language to direct the internal representations of whomever you are working with. Using both direct and indirect styles, Hypnosis in NLP focuses and uses the influence of Milton Erickson, (the forefather of clinical hypnotherapy) who was largely credited with moving hypnosis from a stage show to what is now a widely accepted and utilised Therapeutic practice worldwide.