NLP Introductory Day

Training was easy to relate to because of the examples used when describing the types/techniques/tools.  The training was engaging. I was able to match styles to people I work with and myself which was really interesting. I was also able to start recognising why I might have difficulty with certain people


“A very interesting day which inspired me and taught me to think of many things in a different way. Friendly and engaging speakers.”


“Enjoyed the engaging style of both trainers.  Nice mix of presentations and exercises. Found session on goals particularly helpful.”

Louise Hobbs

NLP Practitioner Training

“My eyes have been opened on this course. The applications now available to me in business and my personal life are huge and i am really looking forward to the future! Thank you Bevis!”

Nick Kay Owner Pavillion Accountancy

“Excellent thought provoking course. I can see very clearly where and how I can apply the techniques. I am very interested in continuing my learning with NLP”

Sarah Petersen Teacher and Counsellor

“This was an absolutely fantastic course, in fact the best course I have ever been on. You were both really good trainers and the way it was presented matched my learning style as I felt like it was all going in, which I would have never thought would happen on a course over 7 days. When I first signed up for the course I thought I would learn a bit about communication styles and language but never realised how much personal development was in store for me. I looked forward to coming in every day and felt as though I learnt something new and of value. I felt it was nice having a reasonable size group as it allowed a lot more individual attention. Coming away from the course I am amazed how much has been useful on a day to day basis in work and in my personal life and I no longer put myself in cause anymore. When I feel myself moaning I remember that I have options and if something frustrates me I remember that my map of the world is different to theirs and there is always more than one way of interpreting a situation”.

“I would definitely recommend the course to others and already have been recommending it. Thanks for the training and I hope to see you on the Masters sometime soon”

Kiran Hans HR advisor HDC

“Having already had an introduction to NLP I was not sure how much benefit I would get from a further weeks course. I was pleasantly surprised. If I was to list my learning’s from the week they would run off the bottom of the page. The course introduced easy-to-use techniques that, with practice, will open up endless opportunities. Not just in business but for life in general. Whether you want to enhance relationships, get the best out of yourself and others, improve your results in business or just simply get better at what you already do, then I would highly recommend this course.”

Richard Toll, Wesselton Associates Ltd, St James Place

“Having spent most of my career in performance management and coaching I thought I was only going for a brush up on my skills. How pleasantly surprised I was to find that actually, I had much more to learn! The tools and techniques demonstrated were superb and will undoubtedly help me in my career and indeed my passion ‘football coaching’. The course was well organised and the delivery was excellent, with Lorraine of Advance orchestrating events splendidly. This was time and money well spent and I would strongly recommend this course for personal development or business purposes.”

Adi Corney, Regional Performance Manager

“Since I have attended the NLP Practitioners course, my whole outlook on life has completely changed. It is truly motivational, I have learnt so many techniques to improve my life. I had a great time and met some amazing people as well. The course was well presented and the trainers were truly inspirational, they gave support, shared their knowledge and experiences. Great course, I would highly recommend it.”

Ceri Whybrow, Health & Wellbeing Manager

“Going on the NLP Practitioners course is the best thing I have ever done and I have learned so much. How good is it to get a bag full of tools to create a better life for yourself; to get rid of old negative beliefs, negative emotions, anxiety, anger, hurt, stress. How good is it to change all this so we can grow, be happy and live the life we are dreaming of. This is what NLP techniques can do. We had such fun as a group, laughing every day, so much fun. The days flew by and I feel honoured to be part of this. It is worth every penny!”

Karen Christoffersen, Reiki Therapist and Coach

“I feel blessed to have witnessed and been part of an amazing experience, delivered with great experience, expertise and most of all the warmth and kindness of the course teachers and coaches.”

Graham – NLP Practitioner, Sept 2020

“A really well structured and delivered course. On a personal note, the effect was amazing. I have been inspired to sign up for the Master Practitioner Training next year. Thank you to Bevis, Paul and Shaun for a truly enlightening week. I have definitely gained skills that will not only allow me to practice but will also transfer across to my business and personal activities.”

David – NLP Practitioner, Sept 2020

“This week was even better than I’d imagined! Thank you so much for such an incredible experience. I can’t wait to see what happens next…”

Hannah – NLP Practitioner, Sept 2020

Master Practitioner Training

Having spent most of 2018 with Bevis on his amazing course this year, I can safely say my life is never going to be the same in the most wonderful way. What can I say .. if you come across Bevis courses and think it’s is for me? then please don’t hesitate to give him a call. He will soon put you at ease and will help you and give you advice on which best course for you and also offer taste day if you a little unsure. Thank you, Bevis!


“An inspirational week!”

Pip Fairhall

“Thank you for this week. It has been stretching and challenging but fun! The journey continues…”

Sam Anthony

“Thank you for such an inspirational course. I’m very glad I found you over the internet. I have enjoyed all your courses very much. I hope we’ll always stay in touch.”


“I have just come back from an intensive but thorough rewarding 8 day NLP Master Prac course. When I started I had so many what-ifs in my head as I am at a crossroads in my career. The biggest was I am not good enough to do coaching and I should stay at what I am good at even if it’s not making me happy. Through practical exercises where you are the coach and the client, I found my confidence grew and that my limiting belief was holding me back and that I was good enough and that I can do this. I am 100% certain that I was destined to be a coach and through NLP help others conquer their fears and eliminate the limited beliefs to the be the best version of themselves – as I am” 


Public Speaking Excellence

“I engaged Bevis to improve my public speaking skills as it was something that I felt was holding me back on a professional level. Before seeing Bevis I had tried various other solutions including a hypnotist and psychologist. Neither had the results that Bevis achieved in half the time and less than 1/3 of the cost! I find Bevis highly engaging and a great listener and I feel these are crucial qualities when engaging in this type of solution. I can highly recommend Bevis to anyone considering using his services”

Jason (HFG)

“I first met Bevis almost a year ago when I did my NLP training. Since then he has trained me in Motivational Mapping and this week I was fortunate enough to attend his two-day Presentation Skills Course. I always love Bevis\’ presentations and courses – he has a calm, relaxed and friendly approach but he really gets the best of out of you and this course was no exception.

There were eight of us on the course, slightly nervous of the unknown but Bevis soon had us up on our feet in \’presenter stance\’. It was amazing how our confidence grew almost by the hour and at the end of the two days, there were some truly outstanding presentations given.

The course was great fun, especially the \’Voice Utilisation\’ session which I think was the turning point for all of us. It was really strange that at the beginning of the course most of us had a problem with keeping our hands still, yet after we had learned how to use gestures we actually found it difficult to use them. The energy in the room just grew over the two days as well as everyone\’s confidence and I look forward to my first public presentation next week.

As a coach and trainer Bevis is truly the best and I would love to work with him in the future… I am now looking forward to my NLP Master Practitioner course in two weeks\’ time which is going to be fabulous.”

Marion Hind, Progress Coaching and Personal Development 

Hypnosis Practitioner Training

“I absolutely enjoyed this course. The pace was set just right and the trainers were and coaches were fantastic. It has helped me to ‘wake up’. I would love to do further training. Thank you Bevis and your fabulous team”


Business Coaching

“Thanks Bevis!

I have managed to stay present at the moment more often and understanding the pain body is amazing!

I have needed this. I realized that I had always associated tiredness with a short temper. It was always what I heard and I have delinked (or am in the process of) this association. I am trying not to use as an excuse for grumpiness and when I do, the grumpiness goes away!

We are both really loving being parents, even when things are not easy. We just choose to focus on the positives and the abundance of joy we have around us.

Importantly I am using it professionally. Work has caused me quite a few worries and brought up some powerful negative feelings (for many reasons) and understanding why and being able to stay present and embrace it has been truly enlightening.

I felt dark clouds lift in a nano-second (admittedly it took me 24 hours to realise what was happening and get back in the present!). On doing this, it has created an opportunity which could be even bigger, whilst putting less ‘energy’ into it and leaving more time for other things! Most importantly I have re-found my inner peace and with it over-come the conflicts.

Thought I’d share with you what an amazing effect your interactions on my journey have had. Your facilitation in this is much appreciated.

Cheers and chat soon”

Andrew – Bespoke Golf Asia

“How have you found the experience?

During my early time at St. James’s Place I was encouraged to attend a course Bevis was running to aid the development of my business. I was at the time keen to explore all avenues of potential business development and took the advice from my colleague and attended.

This course discussed some high-level principals of goal setting, self-development and communication, amongst other topics. The part that particularly resonated with me during this course was the goal setting topics. Historically goals set in business tended to revolve around hard numbers and are often set by managers or superiors without a great deal of personal input.

I had found that I was setting my targets in a similar fashion and Bevis, from an independent standpoint, suggested ways to look at targets and goals differently. This caught my interest sufficiently to arrange to see Bevis following the course; I have now been working with him for over 2 years.

What benefit have you received?

It is difficult to pinpoint or quantify how much benefit I have received from Bevis. I have been more much more successful in business and in my personal work-life balance than I would have ever predicted 18 months ago. I am positive that I would have not have achieved so much without his input; how much further behind I would have been being uncertain.

There are a number of factors which have contributed to the success I’ve had; I would say however that the discussions I have held with Bevis and the thought processes that come from our conversation are likely to be the single most significant contributor to that outcome.

What would I say to someone considering using Bevis?

Above everything else, an open mind is essential to getting the best from the coaching Bevis supplies. I meet many people who are sceptical about business coaching and often do not pursue the topic sufficiently due to pre-conceived ideas or who believe that they already know everything about the topic – despite them not getting the outcomes they want.

I have found the different methods of thinking highly valuable – a useful view from outside my industry.

Like all professions, there are good and bad. From my experience, Bevis is an excellent coach. He spends his day finding and researching ways to improve people lives, whether that is in business or personally. In my profession, people use my services as they do not have the time or inclination to research and manage investments. In the same way, I use Bevis as an expert in business and personal development.”

Stephen – SJP

“I worked with Bevis for a year now, and I don’t think it is understating the fact to say the past 12 months have changed the direction of my life forever. I had slightly lost my focus and drive and I am truly grateful for the time Bevis spent helping me unlock my passion for work and life. Bevis’ approach was professional yet comfortingly reassuring and it was very easy to be completely open. He uses simple language to help you understand the process and presents a clear understanding of what each session is aiming to achieve.

I have now got a clear set of goals and a clear path in my mind as to how I will achieve/overachieve those goals but probably most importantly for me is that I am now thoroughly enjoying that journey. Bevis also helped me understand some of the things that had been blocking my success in both my personal and professional lives which has improved my relationships with some.

Bevis never imposes his own will or agenda on the consultations, he facilitates ideas and leads you on a journey of self-discovery which is a very powerful thing. I can’t recommend Bevis highly enough and anyone who has the opportunity to work with Bevis but does not take it is missing an opportunity to enhance their professional and personal lives”

Andrew, Financial Consultant

“I have found the process enjoyable and informative. It has been a great help, being able to step outside the day to day running of my business and pay some attention to ways I can improve my systems and processes, as well as my thinking.

This process has greatly benefited my business and above all my use of time and quality of life. Bevis has helped me structure my week to make more constructive use of my time and create more free time than I realised I had. I have not worked over a weekend since starting this process. I have more time to spend with my family and my productivity has improved!

I would recommend Bevis to anyone who is running a business. It’s just as important to work ON the business as it is, IN the business. It’s even more important to work on ourselves. This is where Bevis can add value in ways we may not even realise”

Steve McDade, Financial Management

“2013 has been a real person and business development year for me, my wife and our business Keeping HR Simple and we owe a great deal of that development to Bevis.

Both Katherine and I began working with Bevis on an individual basis first and now we are now working together. Even though we were working together on a shared plan, we clearly hand differences of opinion and associations with our own development and our business.

Bevis has helped us work through those differences to find a new level of understanding of ourselves, each other and our business. I think is this the major contributor to our business growth this year and will be for the future.

I can highly recommend Bevis for his ability and skills in eliciting/facilitating what it is you need to know about you to move you and or your business forward. Bevis is immensely experienced and knowledgeable and also has a great human touch to his approach. I’ve worked with other coaches and seen many but in my mind, Bevis is a consummate professional and one of the nicest people you could want to meet”

Jason and Katherine Duff, HR company

“Working with Bevis has been a transformation process and one that I have enjoyed. His concise approach helped me to work on a positive and clear direction, as well as listen to an objective insight with sound experience. Working together has been benefited both my work and personal life, and this is evident on a day-to-day basis and recognised by friends, family and colleagues. I would highly recommend working with Bevis to anyone in any capacity as he will help you achieve the goals in which to strive to achieve”

Frank Whiffen, Web Designer 

“From the moment I met Bevis, I felt he was someone who I would be able to talk to and who might be able to help me to find answers to some of my questions. I have found the ability to simply sit down with Bevis and explain to him my internal conflicts, has been a great relief. However, more than this, he has provided practical help in dealing with these conflicts and has helped me to better define what I really want. I would recommend his services to anyone who wants help in better defining where they are going and why. Bevis has a kind, caring manner, is knowledgeable in what he does and clearly enjoys helping people shake off the things that hold them back from being all they can be.”

Matthew Newton, St James Place Partner

“I approached Bevis at the beginning of 2012 and have found working with him as my coach to be both challenging and exciting; through this process I have discovered an application far beyond my original intentions. His coaching has expanded my perspective – of myself and the world – and I will carry that with me long into the future. A great investment in myself – thoroughly recommended”

Jeremy Chapman, St James Place Partner

“My meetings with Bevis have been such an incredibly positive experience which have changed my life for the better, forever that I want to tell you about it, in case, like me you are in a prison of your own making, but can’t find the key to escape.

Having undertaken business coaching, personal coaching and Time Line Therapy®, I am sitting here now feeling at peace with myself with great joy and plans for the future which I am enjoying the process of making and living out. I cannot remember a time in the past when I felt so good.

The most profound and life-changing aspect of what has happened is that I have been freed, through the timeline therapy, of things in the past which spoiled my life (and therefore by association spoiled things for others) I had to live in my present, painful stuff from the past I couldn’t shift. I have lived with the grief and sadness and guilt of something that happened a quarter of a century ago, and I could not believe that I would ever be free of these feelings. I had tried everything I could think of to get rid of these feelings (prayer, cognitive therapy etc.) but I could not. But quite simply I know am, unbelievably, free of them. When I went into the Time Line Therapy® session with Bevis I carried this baggage with me (actually never really expecting to manage to get rid of it, having had it so long, but I was willing to try, I really had suffered enough). However, when I left, I was a free person. Baggage went. During the session I tangibly felt the sadness and grief leave (rather reluctantly) in a great invisible bubble, words aren’t adequate to describe what happened, but happen it did and I am transformed. I feel so very fortunate to have this happen now and avoid a pain filled future.

Onwards and upwards, joy, life, happiness and a clear strength to tackle the hard stuff when it comes, unencumbered by the past. “Thank you, Bevis” is inadequate, but thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Suzi Hedgecoe Braywood House Hotel Owner

“I am the Managing Director of a consulting practice operating in the construction sector. We employ 80 people in five offices across the UK and our annual fee turnover is £5 million. The economic climate over the last two years has been particularly difficult for our industry and has been very stressful for myself and my fellow directors. I have been working with Magenta for five months and the process has helped me to re-evaluate and refocus and apply better perspective to difficult situations and to achieve improved decision making. The process is difficult at first but when you have made the leap of faith the impact is immediate and recognisable. I now feel better armed to deal with the challenges, which arise each day, my personal stress levels are manageable and I have a clear vision for the end game. I have no hesitation in recommending Magenta it’s a liberating journey!”

David White, Managing Director 

“If you have issues relating to self-confidence and motivation rooted in your past that are holding you back now then this is for you.

Bevis combines the understanding and tact of a counsellor with the skill and expertise of the NLP practitioner that he is.

Liberating and uplifting!”

Jane Arnold, Training Administrator

“I was referred to Bevis by a work colleague as I had come to believe that my management skills weren’t as good as they might be. After just a couple of sessions, I found more confidence to deal with issues and difficult staff in a more robust and positive way with some startling results. Bevis didn’t tell me what to do, he subtly brought out of me the potential which I possessed”

Nick, Corporate Manager

“Amina Technologies successfully used Bevis Moynan through the Growth Accelerator programme. Motivational mapping was used to help understand everyone’s individual motivations and through that how to engage and enthuse individuals throughout the team. This proved popular and a conversation point throughout the organization and three short companywide training sessions on specific topics led by Bevis were well received. One on one and team-based coaching to the senior management team and other individuals in the organisation has led to several changes in people and structure. The result is we now have a stronger, more motivated team than we had before we began this programme and have recruited some quality additions to the team.

Bevis’ own interpersonal skills are excellent allowing all to feel comfortable talking to him and he has a style that is empathetic and yet can challenge current thinking through thought-provoking questioning techniques challenging the status quo.

I would not hesitate to recommend Bevis and Magenta Coaching, and have already done so, to other companies and individuals.”

Babs Moore, Amina Technologies Ltd

I’ve had positive feedback from everyone I’ve spoken to about today’s session. I’m so glad it went well.

People have said to me that they will be able to use some of the techniques you showed them, that they know and understand more about people they haven’t worked closely with before and so feel more of a team now and to cap it all off, they had a laugh too. So, all in all, it was a big success!

Huntingdon District Council

Personal Coaching Solutions

“Bevis and I were introduced to each other by a mutual contact, who suggested that I go to him for business coaching as I had got ‘stale’ with my own business and was lost as to what the future looked like.  Immediately after our first session, I felt revitalised, encouraged and calm about what had been, and more importantly what was yet to come.  For the first time in a long time, I am more ‘open’ to suggestions and being comfortable with the unknown, and actually being ok with the fact that I cannot predict what each day will look like.  After each of our sessions, I seem to leave with more clarity and freedom to go and pursue the goals that I want to achieve, and not judging what the outcome might be – something that had been an inhibitor for me.  Whilst personally, the impact of our sessions have been obvious, it has also impacted my business – enabling me to explore new business opportunities that previously I would have dismissed or ignored, but also overcome serious challenges that I have faced in recent months in a calm, non-emotional and effective manner.

We recently completed some ‘Time Line Therapy’ coaching, and to say the effects of this were profound would be an understatement.  The freedom I now feel to make choices currently feels completely surreal but I am looking forward to this being just a very natural process from here on out.  It has already enabled and empowered me to begin to chase other dreams and goals that were previously just thoughts in my own head.  I am now more excited about what the future holds, as opposed to previously judging the pros and cons of each and every decision.

Bevis’ demeanour is so genuine, empathetic, and personable that you cannot help but open up to him without fear of any judgement.  The way he is able to challenge you and your thinking, but making sure you draw your own conclusions so that you can make the requisite changes is something I marvel at each time we meet.

Every once in a while, we are fortunate enough to meet people whose impact on our lives goes understated – for me, Bevis has managed to completely turnaround my mindset and given me hope and optimism for what the future looks like.  I look forward to our sessions each month and to what he will be able to help me achieve.”

Ben Swanton

“Bevis was recommended to me by a work colleague to help me build my self-esteem and confidence. I had met Bevis before through work and had been to a couple of his NLP sessions, so thought I knew what to expect. The sessions started with 3 personal history sessions to get to the root cause of my issues, I have to admit at first I was sceptical. But after each session, I left feeling on top of the world and that I could do anything.

The last session I had with Bevis was Time Line Therapy®. This session with Bevis helped me to let go of all the negative emotion that I had collected in my 32 years. Bevis also helped me understand why I had been holding on to these emotions and how to let go of them. I now feel that I can progress in my life and Bevis has helped me realise that every decision I make is the right one for me. Bevis has also taught me ways and techniques to help me control my emotion and helped me to expand my goals- some of which I have reached sooner than I had expected to.

I know don’t let things bother me and feel that my confidence has built and is still growing, and I can say that Bevis has helped me to believe in myself.”

Nicky (Leisure Management)

“I first got to know Bevis through work and was impressed by his ability to present and engage with his audience during communication training and motivational mapping sessions. When offered the chance to have 1 to 1 session I decided to take the opportunity. I wasn’t sure what to expect but knew that I needed to do something to help me move forward and set new goals. Having had a lot of sporting success in the past I was struggling to set new goals and find a new direction. Through various techniques, Bevis really helped me develop new life goals and take steps to achieve them. I found it very easy to talk to Bevis and before I knew it I was developing new goals, letting old thoughts go and had a happier outlook. It is difficult to put into words but after each session, I felt like a weight had been lifted and motivated to make changes. Some of the sessions were hard but very worthwhile. Throughout the process Bevis was calming and reassuring, giving me the confidence to face past issues and look forward to the making my own future what I want it to be. I would definitely recommend Bevis’s inspirational coaching sessions to anyone, he really does make a big difference”

Rebecca, Sports Management

“I attended a group talk given by Bevis about NLP and felt that by going to see him privately it would help me lose weight. I attended the first session with great trepidation but I needn’t have worried as Bevis completely put me at my ease. By Bevis’s questioning, it became evident that my increased weight was not the main issue but was a consequence of other things in my life. I hadn’t realised that I wasn’t actually looking forward to things in my future, there was nothing to plan for, I had no real aims, I was just living each day as it came. Working with Bevis to form a goal was difficult as it meant that I needed to focus on what I really wanted from my life and determine what I needed to do in order to achieve it. The sessions to remove negative energy were enlightening, to say the least, and I felt so much better after it. However I did think that I would need to be going back regularly in order to sustain the way I felt, but this has not been the case. I feel free to do things for me rather than trying to fulfil others needs. I feel more confident and ready to face any challenge that I encounter. I am about to start activities that I wouldn’t have previously had the confidence to do so I know that my life is enriched and will continue to be so. This has been a very positive experience for me”

Sue Morrison, HDC, Northants

“Personal Breakthrough Session “Having a break-through session is a daunting prospect. Its natural to be apprehensive and a bit nervous, well I definitely was, and Bevis seemed to understand that in that he came to meet me at my level, and we went from there. Bevis has a very calm and understanding nature and it seemed natural and easy to trust him, even when working through difficult and painful issues. He is very thorough in this approach and he knows his stuff. Bevis helped me to work through issues that had been plaguing me for years. He helped me to not only understand the basis for my problems, which is great in its self but then to release the emotions holding those issues together, allowing me to let them go and to move on in my life. This is an amazing feeling, to feel like you are truly free to be the person you want to be. I now feel like I can do anything. Which I know sounds corny and it’s not that I can be a brain doctor, or fly to the moon or something. But now I see options and choices whereas before I just saw reasons and doubt. Bevis is an amazing person, he really is one of the nicest blokes you can meet, and I don’t hesitate for a moment in recommending Bevis’ coaching and therapy”

Bruce Hurd, Coach, London

“Having spoken about and done some research on Time Line Therapy® for some time I decided it was now or never. I had suffered from depression a few years earlier and would easily find myself in a downward negative spiral with my self-esteem at rock bottom. I have found myself previously just plodding through life with no real goals to aim for. I would dwell on the past and limit any decisions I would make on those past experiences rather than looking forward to the future.

I was apprehensive at first and after our first session, I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing as it constantly played on my mind. The second session I came away feeling completely different and extremely pleased that I had proceeded, it really does feel like the heavy bag of emotions that I had been carrying around with me has been dealt with and emptied for good, allowing me to get on with living life to the full. I have developed various techniques for getting through situations I would have avoided and generally have greater confidence in myself. My self-esteem is growing, I am beginning to like myself and believe the only limiting factor in my life is me. I now believe in myself, trust my own judgement and am returning to doing the things which I used to enjoy which previously I didn’t feel confident enough to do”

Karen Martin-Peters, Manager Cambridgeshire

“The three sessions I have spent with Bevis were completely amazing. They have completely changed my views on mental coaching for Sport and life. I went into the sessions open and willing to change however I could not have expected the changes Bevis has helped me make to my golf game and my life! I would recommend everybody take the time to talk to Bevis, once you understand this process and your own values, beliefs and goals EVERYTHING takes on a different perspective

Alan Fletcher

“Working with Bevis has been an enlightening journey both professionally and personally. The value and impact that the mentoring has had are challenging to define in statistical facts and figures yet, the measure of success has been the achievement of small short-term goals, thus giving me the confidence to aspire to be more and achieve more, both for myself and the business. The immediate key indicator of the value of this partnering has been the improvement of my quality of life and relationships. I have a better understanding of myself which allows me to take an alternative approach when faced with barriers and limiting beliefs, challenging these and viewing the opportunities for growth they may disguise! I am enjoying the coaching process and I am delighted to be able to continue to learn through the NLP Practitioner course later this year.”

Debbie Dew

“I worked with Magenta Coaching Solutions to undertake Timeline Coaching work early in 2013, to help me progress my goal of working on a freelance basis in consultancy and project management.

The process has helped me to recognise the limiting beliefs and fears I needed to let go of in order to be able to truly follow my dream. Not only that but it has also allowed me to identify unproductive behaviour, make positive changes in my thought patterns, and to develop clearer goals to better focus my energy.

Bevis is a supportive and empathetic coach who is easy to trust and work with. It has been a very rewarding experience for me and I know that I can achieve the goals that I have now set for myself and more!”

Katie Bavester

Sports & Performance Coaching

“Before starting to work with Bevis i knew there was more to golf than just how we swing the club or hit the ball. The key was finding out how to apply this and Bevis has been a great help in not only the playing but also the coaching of golf. His ideas have been very beneficial in helping to understand how and why we play golf the way we do and what we can do to improve. Thank you for your help so far and i look forward to continuing the progress.”

Alisdair Currie, PGA Professional Brampton Park Golf Club

“As a golf coach I am part of a what I call “The Wheel” everything revolves around the centre of the wheel which is the player. I am part of the process. What I realised also is that I needed my own wheel, where I was the centre. Bevis showed me this, and what I have achieved in the short time we have been working together is mind-blowing. Do yourself a favour, become the centre of your wheel, allow Bevis to be part of it and watch how you grow.”


Motivational Mapping & Business Training

“Hi Bevis

It is really reassuring that things we are doing are paying off.

I must admit to being slightly surprised that the results were so positive as due to the recruitment freeze we have has periods of being short staffed yet the team have pulled together.

I do think that the management training gave us a consolidated approach to dealing with certain issues that we were having with particular individuals and that has reaped loads of benefits, not least to ensure that particular individuals were not hogging a lot of management time. We are much fairer now!

For me, the motivational mapping was particularly useful as I was able to focus on areas a new member of the team excelled in whilst also improving my communication with another member of the team being careful to communicate the current situation.”

Sue Morrison, Customer Service Centre

“The motivational map process and the directional workshop were arranged to assess the motivators of individuals within the HR team and subsequently discuss individual and team performance based on the mapping. The mapping process and one to one feedback gave greater self-awareness and the opportunity for individuals to review and discuss their motivators and how these can affect communication with colleagues and within the team. This insight has helped individuals to think about how their approach and communication with others can be changed to achieve the most effective results. The directional workshop initially reviewed the teams motivational mapping and thereafter focused on the direction of the HR team and the influence they have. The result of the workshop was the team development of an agreed mission and 5 team values. The team left the workshop feeling they had developed tangible results and as a group developed a clear direction on how they should go forward in the short term. A sign of a good session is the discussions that take place after the event and after this session, there was plenty of positive energy and motivation going forward”

Suzanne Stefanelli, HR Manager

“A few months ago, my line manager decided to have a motivational map produced for all of his facility managers, including myself. Having worked within leisure management for the last 20 years or so, I treated this with a degree of scepticism, seeing it as another fashionable trend in business management. Like all other fashions, I thought it would have its day and its relevance and usefulness would fade and be replaced by the next new fashion.

I completed my questionnaire trying not to read between the lines or second guess what the correct answer. A few days later the results were presented and as I read through the results I became aware that they seemed to reflect my views and opinions far more accurately than I had originally anticipated. I decided to pass the results on to someone who I didn’t work with and asked them whether they thought the results accurately reflected how they saw me. Within a few minutes, they told me how accurately they felt it reflected me both personally and professionally.

Not long after completing this process, I had to recruit a new member to my senior management team. This was an ideal opportunity to see if motivational mapping could have a role to play in the recruitment process. Shortlisted candidates were asked to complete an online questionnaire prior to the interview. The motivational maps derived from these questionnaires were used to supplement the interview process and enable me to look for specific desired traits and more accurately target interview questions. The ability to tailor this section of the interview enabled me to explore, in greater depth, certain professional motivations, therefore, enabling a more informed final choice to be made.

In times of financial constraint, any tool that enables you to more accurately identify the best candidate for the role is invaluable. This could help reduce staff turnover, increase job satisfaction and ultimately improve productivity”

Jon Clarke, Centre Manager

“The Supportive, Challenging Colleague sessions were developed to meet the objectives of the service and this was certainly achieved. The content effectively achieved the objectives with considerable input included from the delegates to achieve effective discussion and challenging statements put forward. All delegate feedback was positive with a number stating that it exceeded their expectations. It was a very good all-around course relevant to the service. A sign of a good course is the discussions that take place after the event and after these sessions, there was a real buzz and plenty of positive discussion taking place with a feeling that the tools could be used in a variety of situations and were very much life skills”

Corrine Garbett, Head of People Performance and Partnerships

“If you have the good fortune to find yourself in a training room with Bevis at the front as your guide, facilitator or tutor then rest assured that you will be in safe hands and will have your mind expanded. The courses themselves are well balanced and structured to ensure that whatever experience you bring through the door it feels like it has been designed just with you in mind. Over the past two years I have completed the Licensed Practitioner course and also the Business Practitioner qualification and found them both to be extremely valuable and rewarding from a personal development point of view. As a facilitator of fairly long standing myself I am pretty hard to please as a delegate, I find it hard not to look behind the curtain, metaphorically speaking, to see the flaws or nit-pick. Personally I would not have changed anything on either event and my experience of the post event support has matched that same level of professionalism.

If you can get along to spend some time with Bevis and the team don’t hesitate.”

Darren Ward

“I really enjoyed the training and felt the live examples that you were both able to share were helpful and then going over the examples together gave a really good perspective and understanding to help highlight areas which could add really value as consultants.”



“Hi Bevis

Thank you very much for meeting with me this morning. I feel I have taken away a lot to think about and also a lot of positives. I am more determined than ever to conquer this.

When we got home I walked to the field that I mentioned and I walked around it with my mum. There was a dog in the distance which in the past has made me either want to walk quickly or to turn back. I continued and walked on and I could eventually see that it was on a lead. I did feel a great sense of achievement and felt a lot more in control.

This evening my mum arranged for me to meet her friend with their dog (a young Tibetan terrier) and go for a walk with her whilst it was on the lead. I walked behind closely which is something I have never done before. As we crossed the road around the corner came two greyhound dogs off their leads. The pavement was very narrow so no room really for four people and three dogs. I did feel nervous but grabbed my mum’s hand and just kept going with the greyhound walking straight in front of me – an achievement in itself as I did not have the usual panic after feelings. I think if I had seen them earlier in front and was not surprised by them just appearing I would have been able to use the breathing techniques earlier to prepare myself. I left them at the gate of the park as he was let off the lead and watched him run off.

However, the best part of this evening was having my picture taken with my mum’s friends dog and actually having the courage to stroke it. This picture is attached. I am so chuffed. I have asked to go out on a few more walks with her. I am also staying with a friend next weekend who has a dog albeit rather larger and she and her mum are keen to help me get to know and feel comfortable around their dog too.”


“I have been petrified of snakes (real or toy ones) for as long as I can remember, but the older I got the worse it was getting. Talking about them would cause a reaction in me that I had no control over, I couldn’t look at a picture or watch them on the television, let alone be anywhere near a live one! Bevis was confident he could help me get past this phobia and although I was sceptical at first, he was right! There was no hypnosis involved (despite asking for it as I thought it would be an ‘easy way out’) we talked, tried to find the cause of the phobia and found ways to think about things differently. Since my session with Bevis, I can talk about snakes, look at pictures, see them on the television all without any reaction at all. I also made myself go into a reptile enclosure at a zoo, which was something I would not have done in a million years beforehand, even if I was paid a million pounds!! Granted I was nervous and I stood in the middle of the enclosure with my eyes shut for a few moments, but I calmed myself down, opened my eyes and looked at them. Thank you, Bevis!”

Sarah Hartley, St Ives

“At the age of 8 years old I was visiting a falconry park with a school group and during a display, a large hawk unexpectedly landed on my head gripping its talons into my head- this left me shaken and quite scared. Since then I’ve been petrified of all birds- visiting Trafalgar Square would have been my biggest nightmare!! Now nearly 20 years on and with a little girl in tow I was keen to not pass my fear onto her. When Bevis told me there was a method in which I could do away with this fear I was more than keen to participate! Through a session of informal questioning, the process relieved the worry and fear I had! Since then I can feed the ducks calmly with my daughter, stroke and feed hens and recently visited the raptor foundation. All quite bizarre but very successful- would certainly recommend it!”

Rachel, Cambridgeshire

“At the age of 16 I developed a fear of flying. I did go on an aeroplane at the age of 23 but I took tablets prescribed by the doctor to help calm me down. I was due to fly again on 20.03.10, but I still felt very scared. My cousin introduced me to Bevis as he had techniques to remove any fears and phobias without any medication. I went to see him and I told him how and what I felt about flying, and he taught me techniques to help overcome my fear. When I got on the aeroplane and we took off I did feel a little nervous but I used the techniques that Bevis taught me and I stayed calm. I didn’t panic throughout the flight I stayed calm and kept myself busy. Now when I think about flying I don’t feel nervous, as I will remember the techniques that Bevis taught me to do before and during the flight.”

Rita, Cambridgeshire