What are Motivational Maps?

Gain clarity with Motivational Maps®

Motivational Maps is an ISO accredited online diagnostic tool providing an accurate report which helps people to gain clarity in their career. The map takes 10 minutes to complete online and works by asking you questions which measure one motivator against another. The results are 99% accurate and are often surprising in terms of the level of insight it provides.

Understanding exactly what motivates individuals in an organisation can be used to magnificent effect in such areas as:

• Maximising employee motivation
• Retaining staff
• Boosting team performance
• Improving business profitability
• Recruiting the right staff to complement existing teams

Benefits of Motivational Maps®…

Improved business performance

By improving the motivation of your team, your business performance will in turn improve. This could be through increased sales, improved efficiency or both!

Improved motivation

While personality traits are fairly stable, motivation can fluctuate. By understanding your own internal drivers, you can become more effective at achieving your goals.

Learn what truly motivates you

Learning what truly motivates you will help you choose a career or position that meets these needs. This could be something with more money, more meaning or more responsibility!

Choose the right career

For some choosing the right career comes naturally, but for others, it requires a little more thought. Motivational Maps® will help you illicit key motivators you will need in your role.

Coaching possibilities

Coach or consultant? Motivational Maps® is a fantastic tool to add to your business offerings and is unique in the market. There is NO other tool that maps motivation.

Greater working fulfilment

Aligning your working career with your top motivators will lead to a more enjoyable and productive working life.

How can I use Motivational Maps®?

Leadership and Management

With the experience in our network of delivering over 10,000 Maps, and numerous Motivational Map project delivered for clients globally in a variety of sectors including:

• Finance/Banking
• Local Authority,
• NHS,
• Education,
• Training and Development,
• Recruitment

As a manager/leader we help you to:

• Enhance your management and leadership skills
• Develop reward strategies that work!
• Learn precisely what motivates each member in your team
• Un-pick misunderstanding and conflict between key personnel
• Improve the measurable motivation and financial performance of your team
• Gain control of your leadership style

Coaching and Consultancy

Having trained over 100 Licensed Practitioners we have experience in helping people develop a successful career in coaching and consultancy. Become trained to use Motivational Maps to:

• Further, enhance existing coaching and consultancy business
• Develop your own unique selling proposition
• Become a leading expert in motivation
• Develop a more profitable coaching and consultancy practice

We offer ongoing support for you to further specialise as a coach and consultant in:

• Coaching-learning to use the maps 1:1 at a deeper level with clients
• As a consultant, learning to use the organisational map with senior leaders
• Learning to train others in Motivational Mapping whilst developing residual revenue
• Education; learning to help young people, parents and teachers benefit from your knowledge

Personal Development

If you are looking for a change of direction or just want to ‘check in’ on your motivation levels the Map is a guaranteed way to give you valuable information. Maps can support individuals to:

• Understand your own individual Motivational needs
• Monitor your current Motivation levels
• Recognise what you really need from your work
• Make informed decisions with greater confidence
• Get greater job satisfaction
• Choose the right job for you

The next steps…


We want you to benefit from the most appropriate information for your needs so will ask you for a few basic details to get started.


We will provide you with some additional information on Motivational Mapping and it’s various applications professionally and personally.


A member of our team will liaise with you to discuss your specific needs and requirements which may include the offer of a complimentary motivational map for you to trial, an example team or organisational map, a youth map or a discussion on becoming a Licensed Map Practitioner.

Suzanne’s journey with Motivational Maps…

“The motivational map process and the directional workshop were arranged to assess the motivators of individuals within the HR team and subsequently discuss individual and team performance based on the mapping. The mapping process and one to one feedback gave greater self-awareness and the opportunity for individuals to review and discuss their motivators and how these can affect communication with colleagues and within the team. This insight has helped individuals to think about how their approach and communication with others can be changed to achieve the most effective results. The directional workshop initially reviewed the teams motivational mapping and thereafter focused on the direction of the HR team and the influence they have. The result of the workshop was the team development of an agreed mission and 5 team values. The team left the workshop feeling they had developed tangible results and as a group developed a clear direction on how they should go forward in the short term. A sign of a good session is the discussions that take place after the event and after this session, there was plenty of positive energy and motivation going forward”

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