Timeline Therapy Practitioner Training

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Timeline Therapy Practitioner Training…

Time Line Therapy™ is perhaps the most ‘heavy duty’ of all the NLP therapeutic tools and one which can have an incredibly transformative effect on your clients lives.

Time Line Therapy™ is the process whereby each client has the undeniable experience of letting go of all negative emotions associated with past events so that they can look back on any event in their life without the corresponding pain. Many people are living their lives unconsciously through a body of pain and the associated negative or limiting beliefs about self. Equally, as a performance enhancement tool, helping someone let go of fear associated with past failures can be transformative in their ability to then go out and achieve what previously they may have been afraid to do…

Why would I attend?

Develop transformative breakthrough sessions for clients

As a practitioner of TLT and NLP you will be able to create incredibly transformative high value coaching and therapeutic journeys and interventions for clients

Help Your clients to effortlessly let go of limiting beliefs…

As a Time Line Therapy Practitioner you will be able to help clients become aware of and let go of unconscious limiting beliefs which have been holding back their true potential for years…

Help you clients achieve their goals and desired outcomes…

As a Time Line Therapy Practitioner you will have the influence to help clients create congruent goals which become incredibly compelling to achieve to the unconscious mind…

International certification

Become Internationally recognised and join the Time Line Therapy association…

Upcoming courses…

ThumbnailsProduct TitleCategoryPriceQuantityTotal Price
Time Line Therapy Practitioner Training 7th-8th April 2022
Your course balance can be paid in full prior to training or via a deposit and monthly DD investment plan.
Time Line Therapy Practitioner Training 16/12/2020-17/12/2020
Your course balance can be paid in full prior to training or via a monthly DD investment plan. We will contact you to arrange your preferred option.
Time Line Therapy Practitioner Training 25th-26th November 2021
Your course balance can be paid in full prior to training or via a deposit and monthly DD investment plan.

Where can I use NLP?…


NLP can help individuals with challenges large and small in life, whether they are to overcome problems or increase performance. NLP can help you change or eliminate behaviours as you desire, choose your mental, emotional and physical state at any time! It can also help you to communicate more effectively with anyone you meet and even yourself and access powerful internal resources to let you get the results you want. All this will lead to the life you want and deserve!


Whether you’re running your own business, managing, or working as part a team, NLP has something for you. NLP will help you improve communication between you and your staff and/or colleagues, present in a more engaging way, improve team performance and grow sales. Most importantly, NLP will help you elicit the vision you have for your business and then let you develop that into tangible goals, all backed by a robust strategy.

Who will host the event?

Bevis Moynan
NLP Trainer, Senior Motivational Map Coach Trainer, Leadership, and Coaching Development Lead

Bevis helps both businesses and individuals to improve performance, increase motivation and eliminate common issues that cause challenges, anxiety and fear – the things that prevent us from achieving our true potential.

Training coaches, consultants and professionals is his speciality and, as one of only five Senior Motivational Map Coach trainers in the UK, and a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, businesses and individuals come from all over the UK to train with Bevis and his team. Using surprisingly simple and practical methods, people gain a far deeper awareness and understanding of the real challenges and of what is holding them back, preventing them reaching their peak. Bevis’ teaching and coaching ensures barriers and obstacles are removed and the important things in life are achieved.

Course feedback…

“I absolutely enjoyed this course. The pace was set just right and the trainers were and coaches were fantastic. It has helped me to ‘wake up’. I would love to do further training. Thank you Bevis and your fabulous team”

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