Team Dynamics

Want a high performing team?

An ineffective team can be highly detrimental to a business. It can end up costing the business time and money it might not have to put all you’ve worked hard for at risk.

While we can’t tell you how to manage your team, Magenta Coaching Solutions can offer support in understanding the dynamics of your team and where there may be a conflict between staff members. This comes through an understanding of what motivates you at work which we can map using Motivational Maps®.

The Motivational Map is an online tool which takes 10 minutes to complete and provides a detailed report in the motivation preferences of your team members. No other tool on the market allows you to elicit the different way your team members are motivated and then develop a strategy to ensure the individual players are looked after and the team as
a whole.

Benefits of Motivational Maps®…

Learn more about your team

We can tell you how each member of your team is motivated and how specifically to improve their motivation.

Improve the recruitment and retention of your key personnel

Through greater understanding of what motivates performance, we help you to improve the effectiveness of your recruitment process whilst increasing the retention of your highly valued staff.

Enhance focus and productivity

Increase your bottom line with a more engaged and motivated team.

Improved Management

Being able to effectively meet the needs of your team will help you and your managers to enhance their level of influence and career prospects.

Manage Conflict

Differences in motivators can result in a mismatch in personnel. We help managers understand why conflict is occurring and identify the best solutions to increase awareness and reduce misunderstanding.

Implement effective reward strategies

It’s inevitable that members of your team are motivated in different ways (and in a different way to you). Learn how to develop reward strategies and a bespoke management style that delivers real improvements in performance.

Improving team performance

Next steps to improving team performance


We require some basic contact information to start with. This enables us to find out more about your requirements and ensure we give you the most accurate offering for your unique team.


Once we know a little more about you and your interests a member of our team will be in touch with further information which may well include the completion of a trial motivational map which takes 10 minutes to complete online.


Once this questionnaire is complete we arrange a 1:1 discussion to look at the results and further discuss how greater knowledge of what motivates individuals in your team can improve your team performance. During this meeting, we will demonstrate examples of how a team and organisational projects improve performance.


Often at this stage, we are asked to submit a proposal with options for how we suggest working most effectively with your team/organisation.

All team maps completed comes with a debrief and email support following the consultation. We can assist with developing strategies to improve incentive programs and matching team members who will naturally feed off each other. We can also help measure the success of the changes for management.

Motivational Maps® FAQ

Yes! You will receive a full report detailing the motivational preferences of each member of the team and their current level of motivation in each area. You will also get a team report which shows the team dynamics and where conflict could arise.
Once each member of the team has completed their map we will create a team report for you and (if we haven’t already) arrange a time to go through the results 1:1 with you to ensure you are absolutely clear on the next actions for you to take to improve team performance.
This is entirely up to you. Some managers/leaders prefer each member of their team to receive a 1:1 debrief prior to the meeting with the manager, whereas others prefer a feedback meeting themselves initially followed by a team workshop.
Team workshops can be half or full day in duration and improve each individuals level of knowledge on motivation and how they can use that to improve their communication both within the team and with external clients (if appropriate).
Motivational Map projects for 10 or less team members usually vary from £1500+VAT - £3500+VAT depending on each team’s bespoke requirements.

GFC team dynamic case study…

GFC was a small owner operated a business with aspirations to grow headcount and revenue. Historical issues had been low morale. Inability to attract the right talent. Cliques and selfish employees had caused issues and good staff were being poached by competitors. Staff turn-over was hitting all areas of the business.

We mapped everyone in the company and along with some excellent people management we saw the following results:

Sales and BD:

• Top line Sales performance went up by 15% within 2 months
• 85% of Business Development Managers hit their KPI / Quota (up from <40%)
• Overall improved results and consistency

Management & Leadership:

• Team leaders spent 8-10 hours less per week in 1 on 1 meeting
• Monthly and Quarterly reviews were more effective and efficient
• Short and Long-term reward structures were tailored to individuals
• Career paths were re-defined

People Agenda:

• We retained one excellent employee by changing their role (to research from Sales)
• We reduced staff turn over to less than 10% (from >100%)
• People even approached the business to join us.
• Drastically reduced recruiting costs (fees and time)

Overall Change:

• People were happier at work & productivity went up across the company
• The company was talked about in positive terms across in the industry
• The company growth led to long-term stability and reduced risks

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