Youth Motivation

By Understanding What Really Motivates Your Child, You
Can Support Them and Help Them to Truly Thrive.

Remember you were young once.

Young People are unique and understanding them and their actions can sometimes present challenges. As adults, we simply cannot remember what it was like to be that young, and even if we could your child is likely to be different.

By learning to understand what really motivates them and drives them as an individual you will be far better equipped and able to help them.

Youth Motivational Maps are the perfect tool to help you really understand Motivation in Young People from Key Stage 2 upwards (approx. 7+years).

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You don’t have to keep feeling frustrated.

As a parent or teacher do you ever…

    • Feel frustrated when you are trying to support your child with completing a task?
    • Struggle to understand the sudden change in mood when you are trying to show them something?
    • Question how to get them to take and interest and engage with things

All parents and teachers globally can relate to these points and more.

Learning and really understanding how to best communicate and engage with Young People, in a way that resonates with them is extremely powerful and has far reaching benefits.

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You Can Help Young People Do Better and Even Become Outstanding.

Wherever they are in their development Youth Mapping will help you to help your youngsters. The benefits can be genuinely life changing for the children, parents and teachers.

You can help today with Youth Motivational Maps.

Enhanced Learning Experience

You’ll know how to tailor their learning based on the knowledge of what motivates them as individuals. So that they’re far more likely to enjoy it and, importantly, learn more.

Empower Young People

When you have the answers you can provide young people with the knowledge to make more informed educational and career choices as they progress and give them increased self-knowledge, self-respect and self-esteem.

Support Young People

You will be better equipped to encourage independent learning and support young people to understand, and work with their own Motivational Profile, they’ll feel more supported and will react better.

Develop Reward Strategies That Work!

You can use your new knowledge to identify and plan powerful personal and group reward strategies that will appeal to each individuals’ motivational preference. It removes the guesswork and gives you accurate information to work with.

Enhance Your Relationships with Your Child

The information you will get from The Youth Maps can be used to developing a real understanding of your child. As they’ll feel more supported and more understood it will enhance the relationships between parents, students and education establishments. Children want to be understood, and we want to understand them.

Really Engage Young People

To learn people need to be engaged, the more engaged the better the learning. By understanding more of how you and others are motivated will enable you to identify exactly how to successfully engage your young people in a way that is congruent with their personal motivators. It’s like leaning against an open door.

What are Youth Motivational Maps?

In brief, Youth Motivational Maps are an ISO Accredited Online Tool which provides you with an insight into a Young Persons Motivational drivers and also their current level of Motivation.

This information is being used across the world to empower Parents, Young People and key people involved in education, to tailor learning and ensure Young People are getting access to the right learning methods for them.

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Ready to get going?

We offer a free, informal chat to every parent to help them make the right decision for their child.


How You Can Access The Youth Motivational Map Tool.

1. Select your Motivational Map

Visit the Youth Mapping Shop and select the Motivational Map for your child. We are happy to offer a free and informal chat to help you decide if it’s right for you..

2. Complete your youth map

Once you have ordered the Youth Map we will email you a link for your child to complete their Youth Map (completion generally takes an average of around 12 minutes).

3. Receive your report

Once they have completed their Map and it has been analysed, we will email you their full map report for you to read and understand. There is a report available for your child, yourself and one that can be shared with their key mentor/teacher.

4. Map Debrief with a Youth Motivation Specialist

If your investment includes the 1:1 debrief then we will send you a link to choose and book a 30-45 minute appointment with our Youth Motivation Specialist.

5. Additional Support

During the 1:1 debrief we will take you through the results of the Youth Motivational Map and provide guidance and ‘next steps’ to support you and your child.

Ready to get going?

We offer a free, informal chat to every parent to help them make the right decision for their child.