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Provide something different to your clients…

There is no other product like this. The Motivational Map Licensed Practitioner Training is an in-depth program giving you the expertise to deliver the benefits of ‘The Map’ to your clients and colleagues.

There is no other product like this on the market and it is fundamentally different from any other personality or psychometric tool. This training makes you an expert in understanding individual and team motivators, and you join a community of highly trained professionals helping people to achieve their career aspirations and support managers to more effectively manage their team.

Why would I attend?

Develop as a career coach

Learn the skills to become a specialist career coach empowering your clients with the knowledge to enable them to make informed, educated career choices.

Differentiate yourself from other providers

Motivational Maps is a unique ISO accredited self-perception inventory which when used in conjunction with your other skill sets, will give you a unique selling proposition.

Enhance leadership capability

Maps enable managers/leaders to look in-depth at their team/department and gives valuable information on how to improve the performance of each individual, each manager, each team and the organisation at large.

Long-lasting client engagement

Through measuring improvements in motivation, Maps enable sustainable, long-term engagement with clients.

Additional revenue streams

Earn significant income by helping businesses to improve their performance, engagement, leadership and internal communication.

Become an expert in motivation

Develop as a leading expert in the field of motivation and be able to help your clients to more effectively manage, lead and engage their workforce.

Upcoming courses…

ThumbnailsProduct TitleCategoryPriceQuantityTotal Price
Organisational Motivational Map Training–**New online training coming soon**
Run via 3 Online sessions on Wednesday 14th October 2020.Session 1: 9:15-10:30Session 2: 10:45-12:00Session 3: 13:00-14:00Acquire the knowledge to administer and deliver the Organisational Motivational Mapping element
Motivational Map Licensed Practitioner Training 01/10/2020
Your course balance can be paid in full prior to training or via a monthly DD investment plan. We will contact you to arrange your preferred option.
Youth Motivational Map Licensed Practitioner Training (Online Training Platform)
Acquire the knowledge to deliver Youth Motivational Mapping for young people aged 7+.Your course balance can be paid in full prior to training or via a deposit and monthly DD investment plan.
Motivational Map Licensed Practitioner Training (Online Training Platform)
Become an accredited Motivational Map Licensed Practitioner and use the Adult Motivational Map with individuals and businesses.Your course balance can be paid in full prior to training or via a deposit and monthly DD investment plan.

How will this course benefit me?


Did you know that there are 9 core reasons why we go to work and only 1 of them has anything whatsoever to do with money? Surprised?

With the breakthroughs being made in the study of Motivation, we can now understand what motivates people at work, describe what motivates them, measure what motivates them, monitor what motivates them and maximise their motivation. This leads to individuals like you who are more engaged with their work and feel fulfilled with what they do.

Who will host the event?

Bevis Moynan
NLP Trainer, Senior Motivational Map Coach Trainer, Leadership, and Coaching Development Lead

Bevis helps both businesses and individuals to improve performance, increase motivation and eliminate common issues that cause challenges, anxiety and fear – the things that prevent us from achieving our true potential.

Training coaches, consultants and professionals is his speciality and, as one of only five Senior Motivational Map Coach trainers in the UK, and a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, businesses and individuals come from all over the UK to train with Bevis and his team. Using surprisingly simple and practical methods, people gain a far deeper awareness and understanding of the real challenges and of what is holding them back, preventing them reaching their peak. Bevis’ teaching and coaching ensures barriers and obstacles are removed and the important things in life are achieved.

What opportunities are there after training?

Motivational Maps® Business Practitioner Training

We are looking for experienced, self-motivated, entrepreneurial and business-minded individuals who currently run their own business and have extensive distribution and sales networks.

Motivational Maps® Youth Practitioner Training

The Youth Motivational Map is based on the same principles and process as our flagship product, the Motivational Map, with revised terminology and strategies to take account of a younger audience.

Keith’s Motivational Map journey…

“Good afternoon Bevis I hope that you are well.

I just wanted to thank you again for an amazing course and presenting me with an exciting new opportunity. The course was excellent the coaching and tuition was outstanding and I felt I was getting more than just how to map but also how to relate to clients, how to set up a customer contact base and how to introduce the service in a way that was beneficial to organisations of all kinds.

I will look forwards to speaking again very soon on our follow up appointment. Until then have a great start to the month.”

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