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Complete a Motivational Map with a debrief - £96 (Usually £250)


Imagine if you could know precisely what motivated each member of your organisation and also how motivated they were and what you could do to improve their motivation!

Over 60% of people leave their work because of the relationship with their boss (this is a FORBES statistic) so one of the biggest issue you face as a Manager/Leader is the people you pay the most money to are causing people to leave!

As a manager myself before I learnt motivational mapping I used to be dismissive of people whom were motivated by security seeing their approach as backward and anti-change, guess what, I struggled to get through to those people for many years and I now know that over 60% of the workforce were motivated by security!

I thought I was a good manager yet I was turning off over half the workforce by mis-matching motivational strategies…

  • Motivational Maps take 10 minutes to complete and provide a 99.9% accurate report, which help people to understand their own Motivational Drivers.
  • Each individual also receives a 30 minute e-learning module to learn how best to use that knowledge to help their own motivation, morale and influencing skills with others…
  • Managers receive a team report showing precisely what motivates each member of the team together with a score for how motivated the team and each individual is! A 1:1 consultation with a map coach/consultant helps them to learn how to use that knowledge to maximise motivation for each individual and the team at large.
  • Senior Management receive an organisational report which demonstrates the overall motivation of each team so that they can track progress as you re-map the teams usually 3-6 months after the initial mapping exercise!

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An Individuals Motivation can now be precisely identified and measured ! As experts in the field of understanding motivation it is our mission to work closely with business leaders, managers, employers and individuals, helping them to recognise that Motivation is key to unlocking Enhanced personal power, Outstanding performance and Professional excellence.