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Why would you use Youth Maps?

  • Create self-aware and independent learners
  • Identify personal and group reward strategies
  • Improve engagement of young people
  • Improves child-teacher understanding
  • Improves communication between young people and significant adults

What is a Youth Map?

The Youth Motivational Map is based on the same principles and process as our flagship product, the Motivational Map, with revised terminology and strategies to take account of a younger audience.

In addition to the young person receiving their own 15 page report on what motivates them and how motivated they are, reports are also produced for the parent/guardian and also the mentor/key youth worker. All reports include at least 9 reward strategy ideas to help the young person to motivate themselves further, or in the case of the parent/guardian and mentor reports, to support the young person to improve or maintain their levels of motivation.

The Youth Motivational Map provides the young person with an insight to their motivational drivers, and gives valuable information to those around them who can have a significant influence on the young person. It identifies a young person’s core motivations, enabling them to become self-reliant, self-motivated lifelong learners, and enables teachers, youth workers and parent/guardians to develop learning and reward strategies to ensure effective engagement.

Youth Mapping can be used for?

  • Creating self-aware and independent learners
  • Identifying personal and group reward strategies
  • Improving engagement of young people

Youth Mapping can be used for?

  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Improved communication
  • Increased engagement

As a Youth Map licensed practitioner you receive unlimited use of youth motivational maps
You will receive all the specific Youth Map Training Slides
You will receive support and guidance on how to sell in the school environment