Magenta NLP Journey

The Magenta NLP Journey

At Magenta we believe that a defined development journey for yourself, your team or your business is fundamental to overall performance and work/life balance.

To be able to invest in people and yourself; rewards effort and commitment, providing ways to navigate effective communication, reduces misunderstandings and develop clear strageies for loyalty and performance as a whole.

Step 1

Your First Step in NLP

(Online or In-Person)

A valuable and enjoyable day learning how you can achieve your goals, remove limiting beliefs, take control of your emotions and enhance your levels of positive Influence with others.

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Step 2

NLP Diploma

(Online or In-Person)

Your Online NLP Personal Development Diploma course focuses on all the personal development elements of NLP. This is ideal for you to learn more about NLP and how you can use it to personally benefit from the powerful knowledge and skills without spending a full week to become a certified NLP Practitioner.

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Step 3

NLP Practitioner Training

We provide you with fully accredited NLP Training which takes you on the most amazing personal development journey and provides the best possible experience of learning NLP. We limit group sizes and have two NLP Trainers plus a number of coaches to support each training. We ensure you get the highest calibre of training and emerge after 7 days having had a hugely transformational experience.

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Step 4

NLP Master Practitioner Training

A Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner Course over eight days in Cambridgeshire designed to give you the best experience of learning advanced NLP techniques. It teaches advanced methodologies in the most amazing personal development experience!

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Step 4

Timeline Therapy Training

Time Line Therapy™ is perhaps the most ‘heavy duty’ of all the NLP therapeutic tools and one which can have an incredibly transformative effect on your clients lives.

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Debbie’s Journey…

“Working with Bevis has been an enlightening journey both professionally and personally. The value and impact that the mentoring has had are challenging to define in statistical facts and figures yet, the measure of success has been the achievement of small short-term goals, thus giving me the confidence to aspire to be more and achieve more, both for myself and the business. The immediate key indicator of the value of this partnering has been the improvement of my quality of life and relationships. I have a better understanding of myself which allows me to take an alternative approach when faced with barriers and limiting beliefs, challenging these and viewing the opportunities for growth they may disguise! I am enjoying the coaching process and I am delighted to be able to continue to learn through the NLP Practitioner course later this year.”


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