Time Line Therapy™ is a transformative process which allows clients to overcome negative emotions associated with past memories.

What will I learn?

  • During the Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner Course you will learn:
  • How to effectively pre-frame Time Line Therapy™ for maximum success
  • What to do if a client associates into a negative emotion
  • How to help the client find learnings effortlessly and reframe negative learnings
  • How to let go of limiting decisions

Crucially, you will have two days to spend practicing and honing your skills whilst also being able to let go of anything you may be holding on to…

You will have access to lead trainer Bevis Moynan (Trainer of NLP and TLT™) for the entire two days and be able to draw on his vast experience of both using TLT™ with clients and also training others to do so successfully…

What is Time line Therapy ™?

Time Line Therapy™ is perhaps the most heavy duty of the NLP therapeutic tool and one which can have an incredibly transformative effect on your clients lives. It certainly had that impact for me and I would never ever of had the confidence to set up in business in the first instance had it not been for Time Line Therapy™…

Time Line Therapy™ is the process whereby each client has the undeniable experience of letting go of all negative emotions associated with past events so that they can look back on any event in their life without the corresponding pain. Many people on the planet are living their lives unconsciously through a body of pain and the associated negative or limiting beliefs about self. Equally as a performance enhancement tool, helping someone let go of fear associated with past failures can be transformative in the clients ability to then go out and have a go at what previously they may have been afraid to do…


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