Timeline Therapy

Ask yourself, can you look back at any significant emotional event in your past, without the presence of any negative emotion?

Yes? Well congratulate yourself on being one of the few people in the world who are baggage free, you’ve probably just come off a NLP Time Line therapy course!

No? Well like the huge majority of the population you could benefit from Time Line therapy™

The beauty of time line therapy is that it is content free! Unlike traditional therapies it does not require you to re-live a traumatic event in order to release the negative emotions surrounding it. With TLT you can let go of all negative emotion from the past together with any limiting decisions or beliefs which are holding you back today.

NLP therapeutic techniques including hypnosis have many fantastic applications to assist people to make the changes that they want.

  • Reduce stress and relieve anxiety
  • Develop confidence
  • Remove addictions and addictive behaviour
  • Remove fear and phobia’s

For examples of how NLP can help you make changes to your lifestyle please visit our lifestyle section to find out how NLP can assist you to

  • Achieve your ideal weight,
  • Give up smoking
  • Gain the motivation you require to go out and make the changes which you so desperately want to now…

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