Personal Breakthrough

‘A Personal Breakthrough Session is’

The most powerful tool we use to create personal change and one which comes with a guarantee of success in whatever area you are looking to change in your life. A personal breakthrough session has three main phases and although it is natural to feel daunted by the prospect of a breakthrough session these always leave clients feeling fresh energized and ready for the challenges that lie ahead…

Phase 1 involves in getting to the root cause (the unconscious problem) of whatever is holding you back, whilst also providing you with knowledge of your values (what you are currently focusing on) your current values level of thinking, your motivation within your career and how your mind filters information.

Phase 2 is the fun bit and involves using Time Line Therapy Techniques to assist you in letting go of all negative emotion from the past, whilst also letting go of any limiting decisions you have made about yourself or any limiting beliefs you have picked up over the years. Consider it as a method of neurologically re-wiring your thought processes. The result is someone free from negative emotion from the past and someone able to focus on what they want in future.

Phase 3 is the really exciting part where we take a new look at your values and align them to the achievement of your new goal which you have now developed. By the end of this session you will have a personal mission statement, a goal a sense of clarity and direction in your life and most importantly will be feeling great, fully refreshed and ready for whatever life offers you.

Many feel fearful about the prospect of facing and overcoming the obstacles that have been holding them back and take a look at what our clients say who have been through this process…


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