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Motivational Mapping

Motivational Maps are a unique tool to help people make informed career choices and Businesses to improve the measurable motivation, productivity and performance of their team(s) and organisation.

Training is provided so that you or a member of your team can become a licensed practitioner and help your business as a career coach and management/leadership consultant. External coaches can also be provided.

Coach Training Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of NLP training from our One-Day Introduction to NLP, both the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certifications together with Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis Practitioner Training.

We offer a full range of training and support to help you succeed in the world of coaching. All our NLP Training is accredited through the ABNLP and we partner with great coaches to deliver the best experience.


Magenta Coaching Solution’s offer you a free initial session with Bevis or one of our expert coaches.

During your initial consultation you will gain greater clarity of what you want, an understanding of what really stands in your way both practically and psychologically, and an understanding of the next steps for you to take to begin to move forward personally and professionally. 90% of our clients continue with coaching after initial sessions.


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Our Mission at Magenta Coaching Solutions is to help you ENJOY success!

We achieve this BY being continually committed to our own learning and development. It means that you continue to benefit from us being at the forefront of the personal development industry.

We are committed to the best possible result for you and we aim to work every day with passion, energy, enthusiasm and dedication. Sure, we’ll share some laughs too.  Above all, we are committed to add massive value to the lives of every person with whom we connect.

Through our partnership with B1G1 every coaching or training session leads to giving so that together we help improve the lives of those who need it most.

Bevis Moynan,

Senior Trainer of Motivational Mapping,

NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner of Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy ™